Which is strong in salt spray resistance among electrophoresis, electrostatic powder spraying, thermal spraying?

Time:05-17-2021 11:37:19

Electrostatic powder is applied to our daily life by spraying, smearing, etc., but there should be differences between similar products. Today we will talk about electrophoresis, electrostatic powder spraying, and thermal spraying. Which one is strongest in salt spray resistance?

All of these are the means of covering the coating on the surface of the object, and cannot be simply compared in parallel;
The common substrate is the surface of steel which can be electrophoresed. Electrophoretic coating can ensure good corrosion resistance and reduce the surface roughness, which is beneficial to the next coating.
Electrostatic coating can increase the utilization rate of coating. The utilization rate of manual static electricity is about 75-80%. Generally, manual spraying wastes half of the paint. If robot electrostatic painting is used, the utilization rate is above 95%. The paint required for electrostatic painting must be conductive paint.
The VOC emission of powder coating is effectively reduced, but the surface coating quality is not very satisfactory.
The normal coating film is a composite coating film applied by the above several coating methods.

Different products have different performance characteristics, so when the electrostatic powder is compared with other similar products, we can choose the most suitable product according to our own needs.