Weihai Production Information

Time:05-17-2021 11:28:10

Longcai Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional company dedicated to the research and development and production of resins and special resins for powder coatings. At present, in addition to the Yantai factory, Weihai production area located on the shore of the Yellow Sea has also started production. The two factories cover an area of about 295000 square meters. Weihai factory has formed "Longcester" brand series of resin products for powder coatings more than 60 varieties, mainly including Hybrid type, TGIC curing type, HAA curing type polyester resin, PU resin, fluorocarbon resin and two-step epoxy resin.

The resin production process in Weihai factory includes automatic control system and automatic packaging system to ensure the stability of product quality. With its excellent performance, it is widely used in the production of powder coatings for household appliances, furniture, automobiles, building materials and other fields.