How to deal with products that are unqualified by electrostatic powder spraying?

Time:05-17-2021 11:35:37

As a manufacturer of electrostatic powder, we have many steps and operating points during production to ensure that qualified products are produced. Of course, what should we do if the electrostatic powder spraying is not qualified?


 If the problem is not serious, it is recommended to use a polishing machine to polish; if it is serious, get some repair paint of the same color to repair it, and then polish it; if the problem area is large, it has to be sprayed again.

 Film stripping agent is also called paint remover, its composition is generally strong acid or alkali + surfactant + solvent and so on.


 All things are not static, so we need to adjust our formula from time to time during production to make corrections to obtain our ideal products.